Paul Feeney for Senate
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Working Hard for Us



Paul is running for State Senate to give a voice to the hard-working middle class families, seniors and young people that live in the Bristol & Norfolk district.

Having spent his entire adult life working predominantly in the private sector, along with gaining experience in Local and State Government, Paul understands the struggle of families that are working harder than ever, seniors who are on a fixed income and young men and women that are struggling with student debt and searching for work.

Paul will bring his work ethic, passion and commitment to the middle-class values of the Bristol & Norfolk district to the State Senate.


“I believe deeply that we deserve a strong voice on Beacon Hill that reflects our values and fights for our families and our communities.  Too often, the interests of the average person are trumped by special interests or those serving only their own political ambition.  I have spent my life working hard and fighting for others even when it was not politically expedient and will continue to do so if elected as your State Senator.  I hope to earn your vote over the coming months and encourage you to reach out to me directly to offer ideas, make suggestions and ask questions.

Thank you so much for visiting this website and please make sure to vote in the special general election on Tuesday, October 17th.”

- Paul 


 On Tuesday, October 17th - Vote Paul Feeney for State Senate

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