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Economic Development & Jobs

“I just don’t believe that the economy is working for everyone these days and for many working people in our district, it’s still tough out there.  While the Massachusetts unemployment rates are consistently below the National average, job growth and wages have been largely stagnant in our region.  As our traditional economic engines continue to shift, we must seek new employment opportunities in emerging fields. I have been blessed to build a middle-class life in a wonderful community because of the opportunity that a steady job of over 20 years provided for me.  Sadly, many of those jobs that come with economic security, competitive benefits and the promise of a secure retirement have gone the way of the blacksmith. We must reverse course on our shift to a “gig” economy that forces people to work harder for less wages and little benefits.  I will continue to work to increase employment opportunities by advocating for investment in high-growth fields such as renewable energy and life sciences. I believe in mandating a living wage, safe working conditions and equal pay for equal work. I believe companies have an obligation to keep jobs here in Massachusetts and in the United States of America where they make their wealth and do not support corporate decisions that shift jobs out of State in the name of increased profit.”

- Paul Feeney


ED.JPGSenator Feeney has spent much of his time in office advocating for increased economic development in our communities.  Believing that an increased commercial tax-base takes the pressure of resident tax-payers while creating job opportunities for local residents, he has worked with many stakeholders toward a long-term goal of relocating growing sectors to the Bristol & Norfolk district.  Senator Feeney has hosted multiple meetings in the district with the Governor’s Secretary of Housing and Economic Development and will continue to bring together state and local officials with private sector professionals and local residents to incentivize smart growth that fits the unique character of our communities.  

Senator Feeney worked with his colleagues to pass a comprehensive Economic Development bill that authorizes millions of dollars in grants to workforce training programs and public infrastructure projects across Massachusetts. Senator Feeney fought for and successfully gained the approval of over $6,000,000 in much needed funding for economic development projects in our district.