Endorsements - Paul Feeney for Senate

Paul has earned the endorsements of the following groups:

mass_afl-cio_logo_color_small.jpgMASSACHUSETTS AFL-CIO

“Paul has spent his life advocating for working families in the workplace, in his community and at the State House.  He is a born leader with the passion and backbone to challenge the system and stand up to injustice.  I know he will be a strong voice for the people of his community.” Steven Tolman, President of Massachusetts AFL-CIO.






 "Nurses need strong supporters at the State House to protect our patients and our profession. While I'm caring for patients at Taunton State Hospital, I will feel stronger knowing that Paul Feeney has my back. He will fight for laws that make sure I can provide the kind of safe, high-quality care my patients deserve." Karen Coughlin, the Vice President of the MNA 


ourrevlogo.jpgOUR REVOLUTION

"I am honored to have the endorsement of Our Revolution. The values and principles of this organization are reflected in the foundation of my candidacy - a focus on improving the lives of working and middle-class families throughout the Bristol & Norfolk District.  I am proud to stand with the many local members of Our Revolution to send a message that politics as usual is no longer acceptable.  We deserve a Senator that stands up to the political establishment and partisan leaders and fights for the people of this district above all else.” Paul Feeney 



"Paul Feeney is a fierce advocate for working families and public safety.  As a Selectman in Foxborough, he partnered with firefighters to ensure that they had the resources necessary to do their jobs.  We believe that Paul is the best person for this job and will be a strong voice for firefighters throughout Massachusetts and for the people of the Bristol & Norfolk district.” Stated Rich MacKinnon Jr., President of the Professional Firefighters of Massachusetts.



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