Seniors - Paul Feeney for Senate


“With the disappearance of defined benefit pensions, skyrocketing healthcare costs and a constant threat to social security and medicare, the most vulnerable population in our district continues to be seniors.  We are failing as a society when the people that built our neighborhoods are driven out economically from those neighborhoods in their senior years. I am fully supportive of expanding the State’s “circuit breaker” tax credit that has helped tens of thousands of seniors in the last 16 years.  Many seniors are faced with coverage gaps in their medicare coverage that forces them to choose between paying for prescriptions or heating their homes. As your Senator, I am working with my colleagues to identify ways to bridge that gap, lower costs and increase assistance. I will continue to advocate for legislation that increases eligibility to medicare savings programs.”

- Paul Feeney

seniorsJPG.JPGIn addition to housing costs and increased local taxes, Seniors in our district face difficulties finding accessible and affordable public transportation which Senator Feeney believes is a human right.  For seniors it is a necessity. Many older residents of our district rely on services like the MBTA’s “The Ride” or Gatra’s “Dial-A-Ride” to attend doctor appointments and shop for groceries. Senator Feeney has advocated for and has voted in favor of increases to Regional Transportation Authorities and will continue to work on expanding these programs.  

This Spring, Senator Feeney voted in favor of legislation that helps with the diagnosis, treatment and care of individuals diagnosed with dementia and Alzheimers as well as their loved ones and caregivers.