Veterans - Paul Feeney for Senate


“Throughout our National history, each generation has asked men and women to leave the comfort of their communities and the embrace of their families to fight for those communities and to protect those families.  Our responsibility on the Homefront is to ensure that our commitment to each of them is met. Whether young or old, our veterans must be a priority in every city and town in the Commonwealth. It is our collective obligation as well as a priority for me personally to fight for housing, healthcare, employment, and services for veterans and their families.  I am proud to come from a family of veterans and will never forget the responsibility that I have as a public servant to fight for those that fought for us.” -

- Paul Feeney


vets_web.JPGSenator Feeney made one of his proudest votes in the State Senate this Spring when he supported the “Brave Act”.  The legislation increased benefits for veterans and their families including a local program that allows them to provide service in exchange for a reduction in local property taxes.  The bill, that was a priority for Feeney to pass this past session, increased burial expenses, increased paid military leave for those called to duty, addressed emergency medical transportation reimbursements, updates the veteran bonus program and addresses court diversion programs and much more.  Senator Feeney has consistently appeared at veterans programs throughout the district and remains a vocal and present supporter of organizations that our veterans rely on.