Public Safety - Paul Feeney for Senate

Public Safety

“Safety and security in our homes, neighborhoods and communities is an issue that must be a priority for all elected officials and it certainly is for me.  I have consistently advocated for additional public safety resources as well as funding and legislation that is important to the women and men that keep our families safe.  Throughout my life, I have been a supporter of law enforcement personnel that risk their lives to serve and protect our communities. I believe strongly in community policing and believe that our neighborhoods are best served when we foster a respectful, positive relationship between citizens and first responders.  As a Senator, I have built relationships with members of law enforcement and have listened to their concerns and have advocated for priorities that keep them safe on the job. I am proud to have played a role in securing a dedicated funding stream for police training after hearing the frustrations of Chiefs throughout our region. We all benefit when these professionals are well-trained throughout their careers.

Additionally, I am cognizant that certain aspects of policing requires immediate reform. I have met with constituents in my district and other people across the Commonwealth who live in fear of some members of law enforcement based on their lived experiences and that of their loved ones and community members. These experiences are real, the stories told to me are heartbreaking, and the response must be bold and direct. After hundreds of conversations with community members in the district, people of color across the Commonwealth, Massachusetts law enforcement officers and leaders, faith leaders and advocates, I voted in favor of landmark legislation in 2020 known as "An Act to reform police standards and shift resources to build a more equitable, fair and just commonwealth that values Black lives and communities of color." This bill is wide-ranging and, while certainly not perfect, I recognized the importance of bold measures that were needed to promote policing that restored trust among every person in our cities and towns."

- Paul Feeney

PS.jpgSenator Feeney has voted for and has filed multiple bills and amendments to support the work of our Fire Fighters, EMS, and Dispatch Professionals. He delivered his maiden-speech in the Senate in support of an amendment that created a funding program for equipment that removes carcinogens from the turnout gear that Fire Fighters rely on.

Paul supported and fought for a dedicated funding stream for police training and upgraded training facilities this Spring and credits specifically, the advocacy of Police Chiefs in the Bristol & Norfolk district for their advocacy.  

In the 190th session, Senator Feeney was named as Co-Chair of the special commission to examine the hiring, promotion and recruitment policies of the Massachusetts State Police. His recommendations included provisions to diversify the force by eliminating barriers and creating recruiting policies that were inclusive.

In 2021, Senator Feeney voted to advance S1606 "An Act allowing humane transportation of K9 partners AKA Nero's Law" out of the committee on Ways & Means. He then voted proudly to pass this legislation on the Senate floor.