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Get to Know Paul


Paul is running for State Senate to give a voice to the hard-working middle class families, seniors and young people that live in the Bristol Norfolk district.

Having spent the last 20 years working predominantly in the private sector, along with gaining experience in Local and State Government, Paul understands the struggle of families that are working harder than ever, seniors who are on a fixed income and young men and women that are struggling with student debt and searching for work.


Paul grew up in the Boston neighborhoods of Roslindale and Jamaica Plain and for a short time, in the town of Auburn MA.  After graduating Don Bosco High School in Boston in 1996, Paul’s family had a difficult conversation with him around their kitchen table in which they discussed the family’s financial difficulty in sending Paul to college.  The resources weren’t there for this dream and Paul would need to enter the workforce.

Starting on the overnight shift at 19 years old, Paul drove across Massachusetts delivering company mail, tools and equipment. For the next 2 years, Paul availed himself of training opportunities and passed the necessary exams to move out of the driving job and into a Central Office Technician job in Boston.

As a member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 2222, Paul saw the value in standing up for himself and his co-workers and was appointed as a steward in his work group.  

Since taking an active role representing his colleagues, Paul has been elevated to a Chief Steward as well as the Legislative Director of local 2222.  In that role, Paul has advocated on Beacon Hill for legislation that saves local jobs, increases safety in the workplace and protects consumer rights.  

Paul has testified in front of numerous legislative committees over the last 10 years and is no stranger to a process that is often void of influence from regular working class people.


Paul took a leave of absence from his job to serve as the first Chief of Staff to State Senator James Timilty in 2005

Elected to the Foxborough board of Selectmen in 2007, Paul served as Chairman of the board in 2009.

Paul served as the Labor Director on Congressman Stephen F. Lynch’s campaign for the US Senate in 2013.  

Most recently, Paul was the State Director in both Massachusetts and Connecticut for US Senator Bernie Sanders’ campaign for the Presidency in 2016.  

Paul was chosen to speak at the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia where he delivered a passionate speech in support of Senator Bernie Sanders’ nomination while uniting the party for a general election campaign against Donald Trump.  

In 2017, the Chairperson of the Massachusetts Democratic Party named Paul as a Co-Chair of the State party’s platform committee.


Paul spent years working as a DJ on nights and weekends and has volunteered his services at many local charity events.  

A licensed pyrotechnician since 2001, Paul has lead a crew of technicians in producing professional fireworks displays throughout Massachusetts in a unique trade that he entered at 18 years old and has worked continuously in for over 20 years.

Paul married his high school sweetheart, Laura (Caparell) Feeney in 2001

Paul and Laura own their home on North Street in Foxborough where Laura operates a licensed family child-care business.

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