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Help Paul Get On The Ballot for Re-Election In 2024!

In order to get on the ballot for re-election, Paul needs to obtain more than 300 signatures of registered Democrat and Unenrolled (Independent) voters throughout the district. You can help by signing his nomination sheet, and asking others in your household or neighborhood to do the same.

Here's how you can help!!!

1.) Sign up here

2.) We will mail you a signature sheet ready to be filled out

3.) Sign your name & print your address on the signature sheet

4.) Ask others in your household, neighborhood, community, workplace, etc. to sign the sheet for Paul

5.) *Place it back in the return envelope we sent you and drop it in the mail

*We can arrange to pick up the sheet as well if you prefer.

That's It! This is real easy to do and is a huge help to ensure that Paul has the opportunity to keep Working Hard for US!

Click Here To Have A Sheet Sent To You For Your Signature

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  • Paul Feeney
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